Man, I actually love being single so much.

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thats beers.

thats beers.

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It really irks me how many hardcore and pop-punk bands have sexist lyrical content bases. Writing songs about women being sluts isn’t cool and just makes you look like a complete fucking idiot. Seeing these shitty values reiterated amongst these scenes and fanbases is even more depressing.

I’ve also noticed it’s pretty crazy how easily certain groups of people seem to adapt to following the ideas in the lyrics of the bands they look up to. So try not to be a cunt in lyrical form, as to produce less cunts. That’d be cheers. 

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Blue waves produced by bioluminescent phytoplankton: Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives, Florida Everglades, and Lakshadweep Islands off India.

Saw these while holidaying on the northern coast of New South Wales, only they were green :D
So pretttyyyy.

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Viktor Hertz. Pictogram Music Posters.

Viktor Hertz is a freelance design artist and photographer, located in Uppsala, Sweden. Previously we showcased his project called: 30 Honest Corporate Logos. His current obsession is designing custom movie & music posters, and that obsession is paying off. (by )

Note: All Rights Reserved by Viktor Hertz.

Ball Park Music, you are the light at the end of this shitty assessment filled tunnel…